Get the Support That You Need From Microsoft Office Retailer

​​Customers wanting to know what makes Software Keep better than its competitors for digital downloads of authentic Microsoft Office software and apps are surprised to learn that tech and phone support is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Even Microsoft itself doesn’t offer around-the-clock support. In addition to a detailed FAQ page and a money back guarantee, the online retailer provides a wide selection of Office products designed to enhance personal, professional, and academic communications.

A Commitment to Excellent Customer Service

Software Keep shows how committed it is to customer satisfaction. According to the digital download providers, “We are always working around the clock to win your business.” A generous 5% discount is available for identical products sold by the company’s competitors.

Group Discounts are Available for Businesses, Organizations, and Schools

Microsoft Office downloads are available for one computer only. Software Keep knows that businesses, organizations, and schools need more than one license to full equip their computers with Office for Mac or PC. The company offers group discounts for qualified parties which is yet another reason why so many customers come to Software Keep for their digital download needs.

Collaboration Tools Strengthen Group Efforts

Businesses, organizations, and schools interested in receiving a group discount can contact Software Keep by phone or email for additional details. Having access to the same software gives companies, non-profits, and schools the ability to collaborate using Microsoft Office 2016’s powerful tools.

Each Person Individually Contributes to the Group Project

Employees, volunteers, and students can work together with their peers with a clear objective in mind. Each person is given their own set of responsibilities which they contribute for the greater good of the team. If problems arise or questions come up, a chat feature allows room for discussion.

New Accessibility Features Make Office Inclusive

New accessibility features make the software and apps inclusive. Microsoft products are designed with every type of user from organized homemakers to global enterprises in mind. Regular updates improve tools and features so that they’re more efficient, easier to understand, and more effective.

Software Keep Maintains Great Customer Relationships

Excellent customer service and quality products bring customers back to Software Keep year after year for new versions of Office software and apps. Knowing that there is a reliable website to digitally download products from is part of the appeal. Microsoft Office is globally-known for its powerful suite of software, innovative tools, and exciting features.

Authentic Software and Apps at Lower Prices for Everyone

Software Keep invites you to see for yourself the difference that buying authentic Microsoft Office software and apps from the company makes. Within minutes, you’ll have access to your purchases and start creating the communications you need to succeed. With Software Keep, you’re able to get the products you want and the support required to overcome any issues that you have with the software or apps you’ve bought.

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