Donates a Hundred Copies of Windows 10 Pro to Schools in America and India Donates a Hundred Copies of Windows 10 Pro to Schools in America and India

 What could be more generous than a heartfelt donation of Windows 10 Pro to schools in India and America? It’s something that felt compelled to do as a way to thank the company’s customers for their business and support throughout the years. Over 100 copies of the popular software program were donated recently. Software Keep celebrated a milestone by serving its 120,000 customer.

Enhancing the Communications of People, Workplaces, and Schools Worldwide

By donating software to worthy individuals and schools, the company is able to provide a valuable communication tool to those in need. Microsoft Office software enhances communicates, promotes collaborations, strengthens presentations, and narrows the gap between cultures. It provides a wide range of features designed to enhance the communications of people, workplaces, and schools.

Software Keep Stands Out From the Crowd with Discounts and Guarantees

The online retailer of authentic Microsoft Office software and apps stands out from the crowd in a number of ways. First, it offers a price match guarantee on identical products. If a customer was to find a version of Student Office 2016 for less with another retailer, Software Keep would price match it.

The software and app merchandiser also offers group discounts to businesses, schools, and organizations needing more than one licensed copy of Microsoft Office. It also provides promotional deals and incentives for registered members of its mailing list. To learn more about Software Keep’s happenings, customers are encouraged to provide contact information in the form of their name and email address.

A Company That Puts Its Customers First At All Times

Having a giving nature has paid off handsomely for Software Keep who puts its customers first. People throughout the United States prefer to purchase the latest MS Office software and apps online and digitally download them opposed to waiting for them merchandise to arrive in the mail. Immediate access to the programs, features, and tools that make up Microsoft Office is advantageous because it increases efficiency.

Buy Online and Get Immediate Access to Digitally Downloadable Products

People who haven’t tried Software Keep for their software and app needs are encouraged to give the Washington-based company a try. In addition to a long list of software and apps to choose from, there is also a blog that provides detailed information about how to get the most out of a Microsoft Office purchase.

Around the Clock Support Helps Answer the Toughest Questions

To learn more about Software Keep and its commitment to serving its customers and the greater good of the planet, visit With 24/7 support, it’s easy to see why many people choose to download digital copies of Microsoft software   and apps opposed to buying hard copies of them from a retailer in person or online. If problems arise while downloading MS Office, Software Keep’s technicians are available to problem solve the issue until it is resolved.

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