There's No Such Thing as Free Office 2016 Software Says SoftwareKeep

“There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Software Keep challenges you to think about that statement. With so many companies advertising free products and services, why wouldn’t you believe that free is better for you?

The problem with websites offering free or cheap Microsoft Office 2016 downloads is this, the software isn’t authentic. Downloads are iffy at best, and you risk compromising the safety and security of your computer and personal information each time you visit.

Look for Software with Guarantees

Software Keep, a trusted provider of authentic Microsoft software and applications, notes that the products that it sells are 100% authentic and the company’s prices reflect that. Digital downloads are guaranteed and options are available for both Macs and PCs.

Use Office 2016 on Any Device

Software Keep explains that Office 2016 documents are accessible and modifiable on any device including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. They’re also user-friendly and updated frequently so that users have access to the newest tools and features without having to buy a new version of MS Office.

Tools and Features Worth Exploring

Office 2016 is a software suite full of programs, tools, and features designed to make your communications stronger, spark your creativity, enhance your business relationships, and express ideas better than you have before. It doesn’t matter if you use the software at home, work or school, the online retailer urges customers to think twice before downloading buggy software from third party websites.

Co-Authoring Feature Gives Users Greater Control Over Quality

The co-authoring feature gives users control over who can work on a document with them. The “Tell Me” feature is a built-in search tool that is placed in the ribbon. First-time users report finding it very useful for learning how to use the software quickly and effectively.

Built-In Tools Save Users Time and Money

Smart Lookup allows users to do extensive research into a meaning of an unfamiliar word. It’s one of the many features offered with Office 2016. Rather than go from one website or application to the next to access what you need, Microsoft’s tools are built-in.

Many Programs for One Low Price

MS Office is a powerful software suite consisting of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and Publisher. It offers powerful tools and features which are regularly updated and improved upon.

Buying each piece of software individually could cost a person hundreds of dollars. Instead, they pay one price for a suite of software programs.

Office 2017 Doesn’t Exist Despite Third-Party Promises

Office 2017 isn’t available at the moment. Be wary of sites saying that it can be downloaded for free. It hasn’t been released to the public yet, but when it does, Software Keep will have it in stock for customers to buy, use, and enjoy.

Software Keep Offers a Lowest Price Guarantee on Identical Products

Software Keep offers a Lowest Price Guarantee on identical products. This 5% savings serves as an incentive to steer clear of websites promising free software downloads.

Learn more about Software Keep and its authentic Microsoft Office digital downloads by visiting Digital download purchases are ready minutes after buying them.


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